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Brian Harnois Found Safe, Psychics No Help At All (Chip, I’m looking at you…)

The news all over social media this past 24 hours centered around former Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International cast member Brian Harnois posting a suicide note to one of his Facebook profiles (my research last night shows he has more than one so at first I was very skeptical). This isn’t a post about Brian, my opinions on the man, or his apparent mental state. His girlfriend/wife (depending on who you talk to) and mother of his children posted on Twitter this morning that he has apparently been found alive and safe.

What I want to talk about is Chip Coffey.

Chip Coffey is a self-proclaimed psychic and medium, star of such shows as Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. A former telephone psychic, he still tours the country and does public gallery readings, paranormal conventions and events, and phone readings.

Here is a screen cap of his post to Twitter after Brian went missing:



Now, what is a psychic doing asking for help and prayers instead of just telling everyone, especially law enforcement, where he is? I wasn’t the first one to point this out. Sadly, the tweet was deleted or I was blocked before I could grab a screen capture, but three people tweeted to Chip before me saying something to the effect of “can’t you help?” or “You know where he is right?”

My tweet:



Needless to say I have yet to receive an answer. But since I tweeted him Chip has been posting to Twitter, so it’s not just a case of him being offline.

You may say this isn’t the time to point this out, that this was a sick man who needed help and Chip was just trying to help. What about all the other people who have gone missing and needed help? What about the psychics, including Chip, who have been wrong about very important details in cases like this?

Like I said, glad Brian is getting help (allegedly). But Chip Coffey sure didn’t help out. Chip subscribes to his own Google alerts, so he might see this. And I’m sure he will be upset that I’m “taking advantage” of the situation.

Because a blog post is so much worse than, you know, exploiting children on TV.



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